I Haunt Wizards – Along Came Polly Lyrics

I am not as I am portrayed darling, I stand minutes away from discovery;
Victim of social pressure, there aint no pleasure
Idle hands start work tonight; the schedules too tight
I can’t compare, no. I loom into the stars but I can never have them, I can never have them

Is this life? I don’t have anyone to get to know and it will probably stay that way

I know I’m not afriad to take away ‘darling’
I’m an anomaly as you undress what’s left
Think I’m going home, think I’m going home
I don’t make sense anymore, I’m pacing the floor thinking what I’m supposed to say to you
I’m wasting my time now, I’m wasting my time now

I’m not half as worth your time of day when it could be all spent with that idiot
My stars don’t compare to his universe
I give up.

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